Hotel Villa Retreat Center Working Space


Ubud Raya Resort, where the nature and paradise come into one. Ubud Raya Resort is a villa complex consisting of 18 units of villas . Currently, Ubud Raya resort has offered 9 units 2 Bedroom villa and 9 units 1 bedroom Villa. Naturally concept, Ubud Raya resort engages a huge traditional style seen in many areas including Balinese natural stone, Balinese craft, Balinese ornament. This uniqueness is in-line with its absolute convenience offered to guests, especially for modern traveller.

What makes this resort is even different but most loved by guests, is that guests can freely witness every single move of daily culture life from local community, what locals do, how they perform their religion rites, see their artistic activities, as well as going around the environment by bicycle to blend with locals and nature. Available for daily rental and yearly rental for up to 25 days (leasehold), Ubud Raya resort offers convenience for retirement or expatriates who adore tranquility during the leasehold. The uniqueness is also revealed from its name of each villa that is derived from ‘the wayang’ (Indonesian cultural history) names, and it has continual story from one villa the next ones.

Go taste and enjoy every facility and service offered, as Ubud Raya resort is an enthralling residence to stay.