Ubud Raya Retreat Center

In the 8th Century, a Buddhist priest called Rsi Marhandya came to Bali from Java on pilgrimage
with a group of followers. He meditated where the East and West Wos Rivers meet in Campuan, on the edge of Ubud, and declared the place holy. Based on the history, Ubud is a healing place. The cultural environment and surrounding is strongly influenced the feeling of those who are visiting Ubud as their destination. Valey, river, ricefield,gardens and the people make Ubud really special.

Ubud Raya Resort with the concept of healing and retreat ambience convey a message to the guest of a perfect healing,retreat and Yoga site in the skirt of Ubud. Our 18 units Villas has its own history,name and specification. It is decorated in Balinese furniture and fully Balinese Architecture based. The ambience of holiness, healing,healthy food and healthy drinks and Balinese Offering Making or Balinese Dance lesson is concepted along with the term of HOLISTIC Holy experience.

A free Yoga class is offered to the guest for a minimum of 2 nights stay and a supplement of 2 pcs of Young Coconut Water every morning during breakfast. Balinese Massage is one of the signature treatment while a free 15 minutes head and shoulder massage upon arrival is the headline of our service. The 2 senior therapist are worldwide trained and experienced will assist you at Tirta Spa Ubud Raya Resort.Yoga can be in your private villa or you may request an outdoor Yoga area to our Villa Manager.

Combine your Ubud experience by staying at Ubud Raya Resort and feel the Magic Ubud Stay,Eat and Pray…………….