Ubud Raya Villas Resorts and Hotel



A variety of activities would make your stay more grounded, being closer to Balinese values and
experience it first-hand.

Cultural Class

Balinese dance, making offerings, these are few skills Balinese must have to serve the spiritual side and cultural side. Choose and learn these skills here in this one-hour program.

Starts from IDRxxx

Healthy Cooking Class

Join our three-course menu healthy cooking class and experience first-hand that healthy food can actually be tasty. The whole process would take two hours to finish and you get to take the recipes home.

Starts from IDR399.000

Jamu Class

Jamu means traditional herbal drinks. It is used by many Indonesians for the
prevention and treatment of a variety of ailments and better immunity. You will visit our little garden in this one-hour class to pick the ingredients and bringhome one liter of jamu you have created.

To name a few, we will make saffron-colored rice, to increase appetite and
stamina, eliminate aches and pains, as an anti-diabetic, and to control weight. You can also make turmeric tonic drink, believed to have high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer activity. Other options are to make slimming jamu and Javanese turmeric drink, it can cure complaints of dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, and relieve symptoms of colds

Starts from IDR199.000

Photo Momentum

Days will come and go and the memories will stay if you make it so. The time spent with family and your loved ones worth to be framed. We have choices of photography and/or videography to capture those moments.

Starts from IDR1.499.000